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Presentations and documents
Sustainable buildings in Gurgaon [2.4 MB]
Pre-application sustainability checklist [18 KB]
Greening your home: householders guide to sustainable design and construction [146 KB]  



Inaugural session of the seminar on sustainable building design in Gurgaon
29 - 30 May 2003, Gurgaon

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From left: Shirish Garud, Fellow, TERI; Daniel Satue, Head of International Unit, ICAEN; R K Pachauri, Director-General, TERI; Ajai V Singh, Secretary, MNES; S S Dhillon, Director, HAREDA; Adrian Hewitt, Principal Environment Officer, Merton Council

Seminar on Sustainable Building Design in Gurgaon, May 29-30, Gurgaon. From left in the front row: Daniel Satue, Head of International Unit, ICAEN; Grisha Domakowski, International Project Coordinator, ICAEN; Anthony Rose, Director, GLEEN; Susan Venner, Senior Associate Architect, Bill Dunster Architects.




First Steering Committee meeting held in Barcelona
3 - 4 July 2002

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