Needs assessment

The project’s first activity was to assess the needs of the target groups. It included an assessment of existing building practices, policy scenarios, institutional set-ups, the urban development process and also making demand projections for resources such as electricity and water. The outcome of this assessment defined a road map for sustainable development in Gurgaon.

Summary of the needs assessment report [65 KB]
A review of the needs assessment findings
[11 MB]


Manual on sustainable buildings: policies and practices (currently under development)
Based on the assessment of needs, a manual on sustainable building design will be developed for the target groups. It will contain guidelines for effective planning policies and programmes and also comprehensive technical information for application of sustainability options, including:
Sustainable site planning
Sustainable site practices
Building design
Passive solar design
Building materials
Building systems
Renewable energy systems
Waste and water management
Green practices


Marketing activities

Marketing leaflets and dissemination material will be produced to publicize the aims and activities of the project in the three participating countries.

Announcement brochure of the first policy seminar [2.5 MB]


Interactive CD-ROM for practitioners
This aims to be a training package for practitioners which would derive from the manual. It will include comprehensive training modules on:
Energy efficiency
Lighting design
Low-cost, low-energy materials
Waste management and water conservation
Sustainability in the community


Policy seminars

Three seminars for local policy makers will be organised in each partner country, with resource persons from European and Indian partners.

Third policy seminar, Barcelona, Spain

3000 Bioclimatic Dwellings Projects in the Mediterranean Area [4.6 MB]

Asia urbs: sustainable building desing. Built examples [1.1 MB]

ASIA URBS: Sustainable Building Design [129 KB]

ASIA URBS: Planning and Deliverables [126 KB]

Solar Ordinances” Development and results of strong municipal regulations [1.0 MB]


First policy seminar, 29 - 30 May 2003, RETREAT, Gual Pahari, Gurgaon, India

Summary report [805 KB]
Agenda [13 KB]
List of registered participants [24 KB]


Building bye-laws/regulations for private developers at gurgaon
[64 KB]
Design options for Gurgaon [1.1 MB]
Energy efficient buildings
[1.5 MB]
Experience regarding promoting sustainable building design/policies in UK - London Borough of Merton [297 KB]

Heat, light and power: in the UK to 2050 and beyond [140 KB]
Sustainable building criteria relevant for gurgaon
[17 MB]
Sustainable building design - Merton planning policies [4.4 MB]
Sustainable building: trends on policies and regulations [22 MB]
Sustainable design: project examples [7.6 MB]
Zero (fossil) Energy Development [11 MB]


Learning-by-doing workshop for practitioners

These workshops will be undertaken at three sites in Gurgaon by a panel of multidisciplinary experts from all partners. Recommendations will be made to improve local building design and implementation of sustainability options.

Design of exhibition hall building of state level renewable energy education park at Gurgaon [104 KB]


Web site
This web site ( is part of the project and all project-related material and results will be posted here. This will ensure dissemination beyond the partnership of the project and will encourage replication in other areas in India and elsewhere.