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The Asia Urbs Programme is an EC-funded initiative in decentralized cooperation. It aims to enhance mutual understanding and awareness between Asia and Europe by supporting urban development projects that are implemented jointly by Asian and European local governments.

The overall objective of the project 'Sustainable building design in Gurgaon: strengthening capacities for planning and implementation' is to improve the urban environment in Gurgaon district of Haryana through the introduction of sustainability measures in building design.

Its ultimate aim is to assist the local authority in Gurgaon to develop building plans based on the concepts of energy efficiency, renewable energy technologies, and sound water and waste management practices.

>July, 2002, first Steering Committee meeting,
Barcelona, Spain

>Needs assessment completed
>May, 2003, first policy seminar in Gurgaon, India
>May, 2004, third policy seminar in
Barcelona, Spain

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